Home Sweet Home

This day, this day was filled with all things cozy and warm. At home photo sessions are quickly becoming my favorite to capture because, well, it’s in a comfortable and familiar setting for those who are getting their picture taken. It quite simply takes the pressure off. With this session in particular, I got to follow along and get a glimpse of a mini routine and that I love. I love mornings, and I love seeing how others spend theirs.

The early Saturday hours with Irene and Edward included scripture reading, laughs and giggles, hugs and kisses, watching the sunlight come through the tiny yet so darn home-y and comfy apartment, listening to autumn acoustics playlist, and making the most fragrant and steamy cups of fresh coffee. It was a morning well spent and what every start to the day should look like if you ask me!

Irene and Edward were so easy to photograph because when I said “pretend that I’m not here” they actually did! They didn’t just pretend to read to ‘get the shot’, they actually read scripture. They didn’t fake any laughs but were real and earnest with each other. And when time came for coffee making there was no time to mess that batch of coffee up so I couldn’t dare say “oh can we go back to the pouring”, gasp, absolutely not!

This day was captured as it happened and it was a joy in doing so.