Portraits in the Fall

And just like that, it’s November. Almost mid November, which is so incredibly crazy to think because it felt just like yesterday it was New Year’s. Time definitely flew—and I say that every year, we all say that every year but I feel like some years move along quicker than others.

So, it’s the season of fall. Autumn leaves and Anthropologie candles, chilly mornings in chunky knit sweaters and hot apple cider, Gilmore Girls on repeat and reading books with cozy and fluffy blankets—at least that’s what Pinterest and the rest of the world shoves in my head this time of year.

Andriana Kovalchuk Photography

Adding to my list of my cute fall things to do is taking portraits in the fall. The theme was obviously…fall…and I can’t say I successfully accomplished it but it was close. I went all out and got an outfit together for this beautiful girl pictured, Victoria. There was the chunky knit sweater, a scarf that could also double as a blanket, and a beret. Yes, well, day of the picture taking it was 90 degrees and it didn’t seem right to be melting away and pretending it was a crisp and fall day when, let’s be honest, it was summer.

Victoria, though, has stunning auburn hair and eyes and so just by looking at her you get the feeling of fall and it worked out well enough! My lesson was learned, here in California, unleashing any fall creativity will have to wait until December.