An Ideal Morning

What does your ideal Saturday morning consist of? Let me spark your interest and give you some inspiration from Jessica and Alex. I wrote a few blog post entries ago that my favorite type of sessions are at home, and I still stand by that. Every at home session that comes and goes I get a glimpse of, get inspired, and in turn write about it hoping to inspire the others.

So Jessica and Alex have been married for 3 years now and it seems like their routine is locked down. Jessica loves to bake so of course, waffles from scratch were whisked up by both of them in a matter of minutes. In the time that the waffles were finishing up, they do what I haven’t ever photographed before—playing a video game! What game? I absolutely have no idea. It was very kindly explained to me but it went completely over my head as I hid in some corner by the bookshelf trying to not be in the way and capture the great moment that I haven’t seen before.

Along with video games, there was reading of books, cuddles and kisses (awww), dancing to Christmas music, laughs and giggles, Alex playing the guitar exquisitely, Jessica learning how to play the guitar with the help of Alex, and of course eating those delicious waffles. So! If you need ideas of what to do on a lovely Saturday morning, these two sweet souls have got you covered with ideas!