Darragh and Joshua

Almost one month ago I got the honor and privilege to photograph these two on their special day. Darragh and Joshua got married in Camarillo, California at Wedgewood Sterling Hills on a perfect overcast afternoon. It was raining hard both before the wedding date and after, so overcast was all I could ever ask for at that point.

It was one of those weddings that went so smoothly, so wonderfully, so calmly [insert all the positive words that end with ‘ly’], and at one point we were actually ahead of schedule. To my shock and awe, Darragh was also responsible for so many of the beautiful details…like her bouquet! Let’s pause right there and take a look at it and try to comprehend how she managed to find the time to do that but also have the skills to arrange it so stunningly beautiful too!

But wait, the list goes on. Not only did she perfect her bouquet but also the boutonniere’s, corsages, her hair, her makeup, probably another hundred of things that I’m missing but I think you get the drift.

Joshua and Darragh decided not to do a first look but rather exchange letters beforehand and meet at the ceremony. He managed to look down until she was closer and when he finally saw her, it was all very worth it!

The day was truly a blessing—the message at the ceremony, the pure love and joy that family (especially parents) have for the couple and the rest of the details made it such a pleasure to be a part of. Here’s to the the newlywed couple and their beautiful new future together.

Andriana Kovalchuk Photography