Joshua Tree

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to Joshua Tree with friends and my husband. Naturally, I took tons of pictures and so I’d like to share some of my favorites here! The whole trip was organized and booked by our hostess and my dear friend, pictured in most of these, Irene. She did such an amazing job coordinating everything that here I am writing a blog post about it.

Some of our most memorable activities included making s’mores at the fire pit, doing 2 hikes, star gazing, meeting the sunrise in the very comfortable hammocks, watching the sunset in the same very comfortable hammocks, game nights with old and new friends, making delicious food and conversations at the dinner table and the list goes on…

What made this trip what it was (for me at least) was that the airbnb that we stayed in was quite literally in the middle of nowhere. Now let me expand on this point a little bit…when I say in the middle of nowhere I am not over exaggerating. To get onto the property we had to drive through unpaved dirt roads and this house is the only one on 5 acres of land. Living and commuting through Los Angeles on a daily basis and seeing my neighbors make dinner through the windows made this into a really nice and needed break.

After we checked out of the airbnb we drove to Joshua Tree National Park where we did two hikes. The first one was called Hidden Valley Nature Trail which was an easy 1 mile hike. It’s a 9 mile car ride from the west entrance. The next one we did was a short 2 mile car ride from the previous hike, and it’s called Barker Dam Nature Trail. That one was slightly longer, a 1.8 mile hike. Both worth the views!

And that summed up our short and sweet getaway. If you’re looking to get away to get some peace and quiet I’d highly recommend Joshua Tree and especially that particular airbnb (which is linked above as well as the hikes).